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Policy Bootcamp



The California Latino Capitol Association Foundation in partnership with Brown Issues and the California Endowment are proud to host their 2nd annual Policy Bootcamp


The Policy Bootcamp is a two-day event for 45 at-risk high school students and community college students for the purpose of exposing them to the policy making process and to key issues facing California. 

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To equip students with knowledge of California’s policy making process so they may be empowered to effect positive change today.



Students will expand their knowledge of the California legislative process and other key policy issues impacting communities of color. Students will have the unique opportunity to assume the role of a state legislator by actively participating in mock legislative hearings and visiting the Assembly Floor. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to hear from Legislators and key community leaders about topics relating to immigration, elections, politics, capitol work, financial aid opportunities, and community organizing. This interactive two-day experience at the State Capitol will empower students to effect positive change in their communities and the world at large.



Bill Readings:

  • Read all assigned bill materials. Formulate arguments in support and in opposition to the bill. Students will be assigned to one bill and a committee role during the Strategic Policy Sessions. Students must bring all materials to both days of programming.


Policy Article:

  • Student must bring a news article/story that discusses a policy issue impacting the student, their family, or community. News article/story must be from a credible source and at least two pages long. Student must print and bring article/story to both days of programming and be prepared to share with peers.



  • Review program agenda and activities. Students must prepare at least one question to ask at each presentation/panel. A total of 5-6 questions is required.






Latinos in California Policy & Politics: Presentation will inform students of the history and current state of Latin@ involvement in California policy and politics.


Power of Elections & Voting-Why it Matters: While a lot of young people feel disenfranchised and believe that their single vote does not

matter, this couldn’t be farther than the truth. Students will understand the importance of elections and why voting is one of the most powerful tools they can exercise to change their communities.

Financial Aid-What Resources Are There?: Students will hear from experts discuss financial aid resources available to them.


Beware! Social Media Distribution of False News: Students will understand the trap doors of the distribution of false news via social media and be equipped with practical tools to discern news properly.




Immigration: Students will obtain greater knowledge of the health and immigration issues impacting communities of color through a robust presentation by subject experts. Students will understand how they can make a positive difference in these areas.


Workshops and Activities:

Capitol Office Visits: Students will have the opportunity to visit democratic and republican offices in the capitol, as well as standing committee offices. This interactive experience will breakdown misconceptions of state government and encourage students to approach their state representative’s office on community matters.


Strategic Policy Sessions: Students will meet with their Policy Lead to prepare for the mock committee hearings. Students will be assigned committee roles, review their bill, articulate arguments, and prepare committee speeches/presentations. Students will also understand how laws are passed by learning the legislative process of a bill.


Community Organizing Workshop: Students will learn about community organizing and the tools necessary to effect change in their communities by actively participating in small group discussions, creative projects, and presentations. Student’s leadership and communication skills will be strengthened.


Mock Committee Hearings: Students will take the role of a Legislator and conduct a committee hearing. Students will exercise their analytical, communication, and writing skills.


Assembly Floor Visit: Students will be able to visit the historical Assembly Floor chamber, meet the Chief Clerk’s staff, and learn more about the Assembly Floor process.  


Students are selected through local Brown Issues chapters in Sacramento and Los Angeles who have shown an interest in public policy and stand out as exceptional members. 

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